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Pet Insurance for CARP Members

Pet Care Tips from Pets Plus Us

We know how important best friends are – feline, canine and human. They have your back. They look out for your interests and consider your needs alongside their own. That’s why our model is to try to be the insurance company your pet needs us to be: dedicated pet lovers, working for pets and their owners.

We're building a community that empowers and informs responsible pet ownership. That helps you deal with the joys and challenges of pet ownership. And supports people and organizations who loyally serve pets.

Important information to help you care for your pet and keep them safe:

Fall Pet Poisons
Fall Pet Poisons

Our partners at Pet Poison Helpline® have pulled together a list of common toxins and pet poisons to watch for, especially during the fall.

Camping With Your Pet
Camping With Dogs

If you’re planning to camp with your dog over the summer, here are some suggestions to help keep your pup entertained – and have fun doing it.

Backyard Pet Hazards
Backyard Pet Hazards

A fenced yard with room to play might seem like the ideal sanctuary for your pet, but there are dangers every pet owner should be aware of.

Pet Friendly Yard
A Pet-Friendly Yard

With some compromises, you can make your backyard haven into a space that is beautiful and useful for both you and your pet to enjoy!

Pet Cancer Awareness
Pet Cancer Awareness

Pets Plus Us has put together some important information about pet cancer, including facts, warning signs and current treatment options.

Poison Prevention
Poison Prevention

This resource outlines the top sources of ingested toxins. If you believe your pet has ingested a toxic substance, contact your vet clinic immediately.

Pets are an important part of the family. We don’t like to think about our dog or cat getting sick or injured, but it can happen. With Pet Insurance for CARP Members, you can protect your pet with one of Canada’s top rated pet insurers - to keep your cat or dog happy and healthy in the event of an accident or illness.

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